Our Work

Digimax is a new creative agency based in Rome. We like to cross borders, applying ideas to a wide range of media. The result is unique.

We will like to mould the "new media" to your brand.In Digimax, you can always have direct contact to creatives, producers,UX designers, developers, digital art directors, game designers, 3D artists, VFX supervisors, motion graphics experts, web designers, because when you work with Digimax, you are part of it.

Our partners have a huge experience due to their past collaboration with Technicolor in versioning Main titles for majors.

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Visual FX
3D animation
Motion Graphics
Digital compositing
Creative Titles & versioning
Concept design & Previz.
On set Supervision

Brand Identity
Tv show
Editing & Grading
Digital Restoration

Web development
Interactive application
Virtual Reality
Realtime 2D 3D
Mobile application
Game development
Video mapping
Museum installations

About Us

Learn About our Team & Culture.

Digimax is born in February 2016 founded by Massimiliano Battista, Francesca Di Giamberardino and Umberto Cappadocia with the intent to share everyone's know-how to realise an integrated marketing comunication project with Cinema, Television, Advertising as its targets.

Digimax core business is focused on creativity, video production, digital post-production, visual effects, motion graphics, animation and editorial design, but also offering web design services, app and games development.
A global service able to embrace always broader needs. Creativeness is the ability to see relationships where non exist.

Our Team

  • Antonio Stilla - Webmaster / Social Media Manager
  • Giuliano Pace - Webdesigner
  • Francesco Possenti - 3D / Compositing
  • Andrea Rocca - 3D / Motion Graphic / Video Mapping
  • Stefano Sbrulli - Motion Graphic
  • Giulia Celli - Rotoscoping / Compositing
  • Cristina Fantini - Graphic Designer

Get in Touch

Do you have a project, deadline or a problem? Please don’t hesitate to contact us via telephone or email.
Our team will assist you 7 days a week.

We are always looking for 3d artists, compositors, motion graphic artists, app and game developers, send your resume at jobs@digimaxfilm.com.

Where we are

Via Magliano Sabina, 10
00199 - Rome

C.F./P.IVA: 13762251000
COD. REA: RM1470922

Tel. +39 06 87930860
Tel. +39 06 87930861
Fax: +39 06 87930862